What is the Philosophy of Horary astrology


What is the Philosophy of Horary astrology?

The key element in Horary Astrology is the precise time when a person unfolds his mind regarding the problem with which he is gripped, in the form of a query.

To put a query to an astrologer is an expression of quadrants’ mind, to which he seeks an answer. What is intense in thought manifests itself as a vital impulse of the human heart that breaks upon the World of time. A string of human hopes, wishes and anxieties is attached to this impulse. A problem, born of desire, germinates in time and is solved in time. The expression of a desire or a problem at a specific moment is not merely incidental, it shows the co-relation between mental events and planetary configurations or cosmic radiation.

Man, in astrological sense, is not static being but an evolving individual. Each desire that attains intensity lurks in his sub-conscious mind and becomes the driving force of his inner being. The importance of the time of a query cannot be underestimated. ln Hindu philosophy, time is not a succession of instants, it is a cosmic whole. At the time of a qurey, a person’s mental energies containing the seeds of his intense desire are telescoped into a precise moment and this becomes a tool of .investigation at the hands of an astrologer. He erects an astrological chart with reference to the specific time of query and, on the basis of it, assesses the results. The results are startling not only in relation to the query posed but also in relation to other events in the querent’s life. Time is cosmic whole; therefore. Predictive results can be obtained from the study of a horary- time-chart.

3. What is the Origin of Horary Astrology?

i. As per Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma approached Lord Vishnu and expressed his desire to learn the techniques of Prashna to solve anxieties of immediate nature. This was the origin of Prashna Shastra.

ii. Jyotish is a Vedanga.  Jyotish is divided into 3 skandhas i.e. siddhanta (mathematical & astronomy), samhita (natural phenomenon like earthquakes, weather, famines, epidemics) and hora (natal predictive).

These 3 skandhas were classified into 6 parts of siddhanta, samhita, hora, shakun (omens), muhurta and prashna. Prashna is the horary astrology and thus has Vedic Origin.

iii. The history of astrology begins with the creation itself Sage Garg says that the science was propounded by the Creator himself and lord Brahma handed it down to him at the time of creation. Sage Garg handed down this science to his disciples. Yavanas were very learned astrologers and they contributed much for its development making horary a perfect divine science that can be fully relied upon.

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