Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology (Jyotish)

Vedic culture is the ancient Astrologyvedic page ganshji320x200 and astronomy among the Indian system. The term Vedic is derives from the ancient language Sanskrit of the Vedas. In Vedas Jyothy means light or flame Ish means GOD. So Jyotish means Lord/GOD,S (ray) of light. These days Jyotish is referred by Hindu Astrology, Indian Astrology Indian Vedic Astrology etc. Now Vedic Astrology or Jyotish means knowledge to use divine light that removes ignorance. This Vedic System of astrology is one among six disciplines of Vedanga.

The foundation of Jyotish is the Vedas scriptures, which connect role of human beings Karma in individual and collective life. Indeed it connects present life fortune or misfortunes are as a result of previous janma Karma’s results. But these days Jyotish is mostly used is know setbacks in life due to influence of planets and nakshatras then some remedial measures in form of various methods/religious ceremonies are used to diminish or avoid the pain in life. The practice of Vedic astrology mainly depends upon visible or sidereal zodiac. The tropical zodiac is used to calculate Lagan of a person by knowing three parameters date of birth, Time of birth & place where a person is born. Vedic Astrology uses several sub systems of interpretation and predictions with unique sequential elements such as specific system of Nakshatras or lunar mansions. Nakshatras cycle is based on natal placement of Moon or Vimsottari Dasha. SCIENTIFIC BASIS OF VEDIC ASTROLOGY In Ancient Vedic Astrology all calculations were done manually. But today’s scientific computers have found that these calculations done by Rashi at old time without the use of computer are perfect & true. Further it shows that method of calculations adopted by old great Rishis/Saints were so scientific that the motion of Planets, Starts & Nakshatras are found very correct. Our ancient Rashi used very complex physical laws, which are even beyond the intellectual capacity of today’s scientific society. Even today’s modern science having so power full computers are not been able to fully understand those physical laws. The bases of Vedic Astrology are zodiac signs, planets & constellations/Nakshatras (lord of planet in consideration) under these three paramerits these astrological set of laws are formed. Vedic astrology is a science and like all other science it has certain percentage of accuracy. Even most advanced modern medical science has certain degree of percentage while declaring its findings. Here we may say that no science of today in 100%. Use Vedic Astrology one can explain happing of life to great extent & predicted future happing quit comfortably. Vedic astrology should be used a guiding tools to Do right things at Right Time and don’t wastage time & energy otherwise. For accurate calculations of events & happenings in life one need to use these sub system with at most care. As an astrologer one need to have full knowledge of these sub system of Nakshatra i.e. lord of planet along with knowledge of there in impact in a particular house/Bhava & Zodiac sign.

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