Vedic Astrology-Krishnamurti Paddhati

Vedic Astrology-Krishnamurti Paddhati

Krishnamurti Padhdati is one of the most accurate Paddhati in Vedic Astrology. Nakshatras are also called constellation or Stars. There are 27 lunar mansions or stars starting from 1St ashwini, 2nd Bharani, 3rd Krittika and so on with 27th known as Revati. All planets works as per Star lord/Nakshatra lord so  priority  is given to star lord as it has the capacity to get the work done or not i.e. it has the deciding authority for any work. If we look further into details of Nakshatra or KrishnaMurti Padhdati System we will find that Nakshatra is working under its  Sub Lord which even more power full than the given Nakshatra. So here   we come to know that the most is Sub lord of Nakshatra Hence we will give Top Priority to Sub Lord of Nakshatra. Now at this stage we find that a  planet is weakest among the three 2nd is Nakshatra and the strongest is Sub Lord of Nakshatra.

Hence under  KRISHNA MURTI SYSTEM will find these few definations & how this system works for finding results to a question asked by a person.

Here is how this system works:-

  1. Source Planet: – A Source Planet is that planet which is Sub Lord of the Bhava to be studied or for a question by the client
  2. Star lord is Nakshatra of Source planet
  3. Free planet: – free planet is planet in that there is no planet s situated in any of the 3 Nakshatras.

Conditions of source planet:-

  1. Source planet is in its own Nakshatra.
  2. Source planet is retrograte.
  3. Source planet is free planet.


  1. If Source planet is a free planet than its can itself decide the question i.e. its placement from the question house & lagan has the capacity for final results e.g. if it is placed from the question house than it is treated as dead i.e. answer to query is- No. This is only because of placement only has finalist it fate.
  2. If Source planet is (R)  than look for its Star Lord & sub Lord of Star Lord —If Star Lord or Sub Lord is (R)  than answer is again –No to question .
  3. If Star lord & Sub Lord of Star Lord is not (R) than answer to asked is yes & work will get done only after source planet will cross that degree from where it’s got  (R) after that day only
  4. If source planet is not ( R) & not free planet than Make stellar equation

I.            1st Nakshatra Lord placed House No. 2nd Source planet placed house No., 3rd Nakshatra lord ownership house Nos, 4th source planet ownership house Nos
This equation is called promise to the question
II.            Make another stellar to sub Lord of Source planet Called delivery.
This equation is called promise to the question
I.            Make another stellar to sub Lord of Source planet Called delivery.
I.            1st  Nak Lord of Sub lord of Source planet placement house No., 2nd sub Lord’s  placement House No., 3dr Nak Lord’s of sub Lords ownership house nos. 4th sub Lord’s placement House No.

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