It is human been quest to know things in advance from centuries and have a control upon those heavenly or naturally happenings. In this quest man from old time developed Palmistry and astrology as allied subjects which are used as tools to know the past, present and deepening upon these future of a person. Popular palmist of this century are mainly from India,Germany,France,England & Italy Palmistry basically started from India than traveled to china from there it traveled to Western world where it gain popularity due to hue work done by popularly known as Cheiro, W.G.Benham.


The literacy meaning of Palmistry is the skill of analyzing the human hand in respect of shape, size, texture, colours, fingers, mounts, marks on the palm, lines mainly five important line namely Life line, Head Line, Heart Line, Luck/Saturn Line & Sun Line. By studying these things we can find physical make-up of the person, his character,aptitude and his past along with future incidents,disease & happenings in advance. If we get some indications of some incident or disease we can take some preventive measures like get regular health check-up

Many books on palmistry have been written with the intent of confusing the readers almost same is applied when ever we see web site

Here is a different designed after a thought that reader on net wants something factual based on experience a step by step through every aspect of palm reading from basics to the advanced area like finding disease from hand reading.

Whenever possible i have included & described particular comments about others point of view. Perhaps you as a beginner feel surprise about palmistry is the amount of detail involved in decoding the human life so clearly & perfectly

To get the clear picture of life of a person one must analyzed , lines along with other area of palm like  mounts, the length of the palm and fingers, the shape of fingertips along with nails. Ever hand has a particular shape, consistency, thickness; flexibility & elasticity so are the fingers. We must check flexibility of each finger as you may find it degree of flexibility in different fingers. Therefore, you have to keep in mind that every hand is different and so are the results.

So how do we start reading a hand or palm is very easy if we approach systematically rather than seen few lines & tries to reach conclusion from lines only. Some readers may want to go results from few Traits about any personality without finding other factors of hand or palm.

Finally, i will take up all the secrets of hand reading in this segment of learning palmistry free online.

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