Conditions to know the answer to a problem in Astrology

Conditions to know the answer to a problem in Astrology

Here are few Conditions to know your answer in Astrology
This astrology branch namely known as horary astrology or Prashna Astrology

  1. Only the prashna chart should be analyzed upon for reliable results. The natal chart is unable to provide such clues.
  2. Date, time and place should  be taken for making horoscope where the astrologer is placed & not  from where question is asked.
  3. In old times, it was a practice that both astrologer & querist to face each other at the time of question is asked & that time horoscope should be drawn  but these day dues to communications facilities are so advance. In these days, times that time should be noted when astrologer is contact by mobile or any other communication method & place of astrologer.
  4. Only actual & serious question should be taken up.

What is the effective duration of a horary reading?

This depends on the query:

The answer may be valid for the lifetime in certain cases where if the natal is also available & natal chart also does not support the cause e.g. denial of marriage or children or some such cases. But, generally, the scope of prashna  kundli extends to the events pertaining to near past or future and extend up to a maximum of one year. But in certain cases it has validity up to few hours like result in an interview, in days if result of an examination is asked, till next progeny in case of birth of child, till next proposal of marriage comes so like this it depends upon question to question.

What are assumptions in Horary Astrology?

Behind the science of Horary Astrology, there definitely lie a series of assumptions:

  1. Only he, who is intended to approach an astrologer for an emergent problem will do so. A person visits an astrologer prompted by providence to know his future. Such a person will make the approach only at such opportune times when he is fated to express his mental anguish, seeking enlightenment to his problem.
  2. The second assumption is that he repeats the same or the same kind of query if the time for solution is not at hand yet. Repetition does not necessarily arise in cases where in a brief period of waiting finds that the problem has been solved in one way or the other i.e. solved for ever like marriage will not take place at all or children are not in fate.
  3. The third assumption is premised on two kinds of karma viz. sanchita and prarabdha. The effects of sanchita are exhausted in heaven or hell. The results of prarabdha karma are lessened only be experiencing them. So, in sanchita cases, no solution is at hand, and hence there occurs repetition of the same question. In prarabdha karma cases, the one time query is made only when the moment of solution is at hand.
  4. A horary chart erected will hold good for short duration only: one year for predicted results. This is the maximum period suggested by Neelkantha Daivagnya.  Hence, the astrologer should dissuade the querist from putting the same query over and over again or else, if that is not possible, use the original horary chart to study again.
  5. An astrologer of inferential ability and intuition, perception, pure mind, meditation, enlightenment and perfection should deal with this subject.
  6. lt is the divine law that when a sincere querist approaches an astrologer, the position of the lagna and the planets are so ordained that shall answer his query correctly. Here, the divine force so works that the number taken by the astrologer or the chan cast for the moment fumishes a clear and  correct answer. It is always the divine force that works and enables the astrologer to predict. That sums up the importance of para 5 above.4

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