is there any astrological answer to my current problems

is there any astrological answer to my current problems

Yes there is answer to all the problems faced by any person in day today life. All problems being faced by a person in current time has a solution in horary astrology. Horary Astrology is wonderful it can Predict correct, clear, precise predictions clear any confusion which a person is having in his life. there is definite & clear solution in Vedic Astrology. The branch which deals with current planetary position & current problem faced by any human being is Horary Astrology. Horary Astrology is based on current time, current date & place where astrologer is placed.

Predictive astrology has two separate branches viz natal and horary. The natal astrology is based on the chart made from Date of Birth; Time of the birth & Place of birth of the native and based on this chart life of native is predicted. So main guideline is this Natal astrology is date, time & place of birth, which help in predicted whole life of the concerned person. Nevertheless, if someone is not aware of his date, time & place of birth than there is another branch of astrology called Horary Astrology with the help of horary astrology an astrologer can predict the fate of question, event or thought of the query. The horary astrology is based on the current time, date & the place where astrologer is located.

It is distinctive branch of Hindu Astrology. It has stood the test of time and has done a great service to humankind in times of tension and trouble of doubt and despair. It has provided a sense of relief to a distressed mind hunted with diverse problems. Human life is beset with problems and there is a natural urge in man to know whether his problems be solved to his satisfaction. It is here Horary Astrology comes to his aid. Most of the persons do not posses their accurate birth data. As a result, birth charts erect on probable data do not yield satisfactory results. As regards the majority of the people, who are not equipped with correct birth details, the Sages and the Wizards of the yore have opened a chart for the specific moment of a query. This helps a person to know about the most likely result of the specific problem in advance.

The horary chart thus erected and verified should be subject to both the Parashari and Tajik system for delineation. However, for Tajik system, Tajik aspects and yoga’s should be applied. Both the systems must be applied separately as the fusion shall not deliver dependable results.

This branch of science is mysterious, prefect, wonderful and most useful. After thoroughly understanding the principles, one can offer correct, clear and precise predictions without any confusion. This method is as rational and as scientific as any other branch of astrology. It is the sublime art of foreseeing events from the positions of the planets now when one poses a question seriously about any important matter. The maters such as longevity, health, success or failure in one’s enterprise, one’s stay in foreign or his return, the time of marriage, the description of partner, re-union or divorce, birth and death of child sex of the child, (should be declared only where land of laws allows) results of examination, recovery of lost articles, returning of missing person or traveller, gain by lottery, success in litigation, legacy and anything and everything. The answer to a question, the result of which is awaited in near future, can be found out from horary astrology. This branch of science is neither a bluff nor it dupes the gullible queerest.

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