How to start Learning Palmistry

How to start Learning Palmistry

The biggest surprise about this science of palmistry is that one can know about the details involved in decoding mind & action of a person. It is always taken by general belief that a palmist can read lines from the palm & tells about few things about that particular person but in reality it is far more than that. A palmist (if has command on this subject) can very accurately calculate nature of person, his health, wealth, his married life and what not.

But a good way a palmist should start reading hand of a person he need to follow certain method or a systematic approach. In my view the approach or method is as under:-

Palmist works starts by considering

  1. 1.Size of Hand (Length & breadth of hand)
    4.Flexibility of  Hand
    5.Mounts (size, shape)
    6.Fingers (Flexibility, size, shape)
    7.Thumb (Flexibility, size, shape)
    8.Study of lines(heart line,head line, lifeline & luck line)

Major lines to study as mentioned in Sr.No.8 above are as follows:-

  1. Heart Line
  2. Head Line
  3. Life Line
  4. Fate Line
  5. Sun Line
  6. Others are Mercury Line, Moon ,Mars, Ambition

Heart line starting point conflict

•There are various views regarding the origin of heart line. Widely accepted view is that it originates from the region below the mount of Mercury and runs across hand and generally ends in the region of mount of Jupiter, in between mount of  Jupiter & Saturn or mount of Saturn. The size, length, depth and thickness various from hand to hand.

Head Line/Brain Line

•The next important Line is the head line or sometimes called Brain Line. It tells us about the power of concentration, mental faculties, level and degrees of intelligence and ability. The mind has vital force, which can shape life towards success and achievements. The headline is never absent and is invariably found in every hand. Sometimes, you may find that the line of head and heart line get submerged into each other’s, forming a single lint running together and then separating in the end. The length of the line of head can be short or long.

Starting point of head line:-

This line start under the mount of Jupiter or jupiter finger, or between Jupiter Mount and Mars or the middle portion of these two mounts and on the seconds Mars i.e. near upper mars or between upper Mars and Mount of Moon.The more it is straight the better it is. It has six possible starting points. Which we will be discussing while we will take up Head line as complete subject.
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