Heart Line

Heart line

The heart Line if found on almost all hands. The heart Line is found on the upper part of the palm, under fingers & just below the lower boundary of the Mounts.  This is one of the important/major four lines on human hands. The heart Line reveals four majors things as below:-

Physical Condition of Heart:-

The heart Line tells about the physical condition of the heart, quantity, quality & pressure of blood through heart. & its values. It means heart line gives a clear image of heart condition of the subject. Mainly blood pressure low or high diseases such as heart attack or any other defect related to heart is visible in close study of heart line.

Blackish or reddish colour of heart line indicates high blood pressure, while pale yellowish low quantity of blood/ low blood pressure.

Psychology of a person:-

The heart Line represents psychology of the person i.e. it denotes the degree sympathy and compassion, affections on the moral ground and mental conscience. It reveals the degree of human element in a person, feelings, thoughts, emotions, morality and sexual behaviour.

If heart line goes to Jupiter finger/mount is it considered good & if it goes to Saturn finger/Mount it not consider good for moral ground but the person with heart line to Saturn finger is more practical in life.

Parental affection: –

The heart line also reveals about affections received in childhood from parents. Hence to find out the atmosphere and conditions of the family in his/her childhood the heart line under Mercury should be studied. For example the tattered or broken heart lne in the beginning indicates that the person has not got parental love in the childhood.

Emotional & sentimental life: –

The heart line reveals about one’s emotional attachment or love affairs or can be called ineffectual in life. How many times he/she has got love affairs in life.

Nature of a person:-

The heart line indicates about the element of jealousy, dryness in relationship, coldness, and how much a person is selfish in his/her nature.

 So by studying heart line of a human being

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