Basic Of Horary Astrology

Basic of Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology is very most accurate format of Vedic Astrology. Moreover under Horary Astrology one gets answer to a particular question which is his/her most concerned at that particular time. in this case we need not to have actual date of birth, Time of birth & place of birth. Only current time is required & that is very accurately known to us. Hence results in Horary Astrology are very correct. 

In today world everyone is very busy so he/she is not interested in knowing about his past history of his/her parents conditions. How their parents had their good or bad time.

In Vedic Astrology it is possible to know also stated above, but mostly everyone these days wants to know about current problem he/she is facing, like wants to will get through his/her examinations, or will he/she gets through his current faced interview, will he/she gets a job in a near future, will get a child,  will he gets his lost items these may be costly like gold/diamond etc., will get gets a lost person or not, whether the lost person ever will come back or he is in deep trouble, will he/she gets marriage with his choice i.e. love marriage or arranged marriage, will his/her marriage will continue or not in-case of difficult situations comes in married life, will he/she get divorced if the situation comes to that level. Their are thousands of questions like this which are of at most concern of a person in current time.  Horary Astrology help human been facing such situation where he is stuck in life and without knowing solution to current problem he/she is unable to continue life or we can say that without finding solution to current problem life is stand still. To know solution to the problem he/she is facing the life is in deep trouble.

So using Horary Astrology an Astrologer with this knowledge of Horary Astrology can help people facing such difficult situations where they find no ways to carry on their life smoothly. Alone with calculations done accurately   it is great responsibility of an Astrologer to guide those comes to him in such situations of difficulty in right direction so that our young generation comes to know about this science was developed for the service of man-kind & it is so accurate in itself like other sciences.

Finally the basic of Horary Astrology is using kundli/Horoscope current time, current date, the place where astrologer is located to find the  Current problem  faced by his client.

Horary Astrology has one great service to man kind in future, is helping in current time & i hope it will sever humanity in future also. If anyone wants to ask any thing about this theory he/she can write to me at All are welcome for suggestion/advice.

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