Will Power and Power of Action from the hand part 2

Will Power and Power of Action from the hand part 2

In  previous article we have discussed few points, now we will discussed further regarding the same in advance.
we have already seen following how to measure these but refresher the same.
1. Will Power:  Measure maximum distance between the tip of the index finger and the tip of the thumb. This represents Will power of an individual.
2. Power of Action: Measure the distance between the tip of the little finger and the wrist. This represents Power of Action of an individual.
will power & action power 13-10-13

further we will find the difference between the nails of the Jupiter finger should also be noted carefully. A hand with both the Jupiter nails of the same width and length indicates a poor receptive mind and lack of opportunism. Should the nails be dissimilar, the subject is endowed with quickness of intellect, takes the time by the foreleg and hence gets early success. If the Will power is also more, then their success is incomparable.

lf the Jupiter finger is much smaller than the Sun finger (i.e. the difference is more than 3/4th of an inch), they get blemishes time and often and have to count from zero many times in their life. Even if these persons have the longer Will power, they gain success at slower pace in comparison to those who have the long Jupiter finger as the latter types of people are highly ambitious. Should the Jupiter finger be much bigger than the Sun finger, the subject is ambitious to the fault, and cannot work in a small way. They get stability very late in life even if they have the long Will power, but once they start getting success, it sees no hurdles. A subject with the independent brain line (away from the life line) and the long Will power gets late success because of his carelessness.

If the Jupiter finger is also long, such a person cannot pay balanced attention to education and business in his early life. A subject having the Jupiter and Saturn fingers equal and the long Will power suffers heavy losses many a time in his life, because of a big undertaking, many undertakings, speculation, gambling or spending beyond his capacity. The Mercury finger crooked, distorted or very small, the long

Will power, the brain line independent and the Jupiter finger very small in comparison to the Sun finger belong to persons who are pests of society. They do crimes such as abduction, fraud, robbery, picking pocket etc and hence are jailed.

Prediction should neither be made wholly of bad events nor of good events only. Good or bad events should be foretold relating to the time the subject seeks the palmists help. This will bring excellence to the art of the palmist, and discard the misbelief that the palmists either discourage a subject by telling bad events or praise him unnecessarily.

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