Will Power and Power of Action from the hand part 1

Will Power and Power of Action from the hand part 1

In this article we will study Progressive versus normal working style from Will Power versus Power of Action.

Know Will Power and Power of Action from the hand.

will power & action power 13-10-13

Will Power:  Measure maximum distance between the tip of the index finger and the tip of the thumb. This represents Will power of an individual.

Power of Action: Measure the distance between the tip of the little finger and the wrist. This represents Power of Action of an individual.

People with more Will power are successful, progressive and possess workmanship. If the Will power is more in the right hand in comparison to the left then such a person and his progeny are progressive, otherwise it indicates degeneration.

People who possess identical lines in both the hands progress slowly as they follow the beaten track. In case there is a difference in the Will power, but the lines are identical even then the person is highly successful. If the Will power is lesser and the lines are not identical, the subject lacks innovation and cannot take initiatives. It is to be further noted that better lines on left hand imply that the forefathers were more endeavouring and successful. If all the lines are defect less, such persons can just maintain the standard of their forefathers or can do slightly better than them, whereas, persons with better lines on the right hand have a rapid rise. They and their next generation do better than their forefathers. If these persons have the longer Will power, they have meteoric career, possess pragmatic ideas and bring about great changes.

Difference in the width of the two hands is indicative of progress, innovation and evolution. If a person is right handed and his right hand is broad, he and his coming generations show great promise. If active hand is not broader then such persons are lethargic and face problems in every corner of their life. It is seen that half the people have broader active hand. Achievements are directly proportional to the difference in the width of the two hands.

No sign is independently effective and hence all the signs related to that effect have to be considered for reliable predictions. For example, non-flexible thumb makes a person hot-tempered but if the thumb makes an angle of more than 85 degrees with the palm, he has control over his temperament. A subject with the heart and brain lines running parallel is dedicated to his work even if he has other signs of indolence on his hand. But if all the fingers and the thumb are with smooth joints, he becomes all the more inactive

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