Main lines in palmistry

Main lines in palmistry

Here we are going to discuss main lines in palmistry which require to be study. These are main line lines along with shape, size, colour, soft or hardness and tenderness  of hand. but never forget importance of thumb which alone can explain 60-70% characteristics of a person or achiviments of one’s in life. From thumb alone one can find his/her father/ mother relationship & closeness with them. post-introduction-to-hand 10-10-13

The-Life Line

This line surrounds the thumb, starts below the Jupiter finger and touches the wrist at the end.

 The Brain Line

This line, which is adjacent to the life line, divides the palm in two portions by emerging either from the Jupiter, the positive Mars or “the area in between and ending on the area consisting of the negative Mars and the mount of Luna.

The Heart Line

Starting point of the heart line is the area consisting of the mounts of Mercury and the negative Mars and the ending point is near the  index finger. It is to be remembered that all the lines gradually grow thin as they move towards the end point, hence the starting point of the heart line is under the Mercury and not the mount of Jupiter ras misconceived by some people.

The Fate Line

Any line pointing towards or reaching the mount of Saturn is called the fate line or the line of Saturn.



1. The Sun Line

Any line going on the mount of Sun is called the the sun line. It 1s not found on all the hands.

2- The Health Line

This is an off shoot from the life line and goes towards the Mercury. It comes out of the life line almost at its end. If this line reaches the brain line, it is called the intuition line but the line reaching the heart line is called the health line. If this goes further and reaches the mount of Mercury it is called the business line.

3. The Mars Line

This line runs parallel to and is surrounded by the life line lying almost 3/4’of an inch away from it towards the thumb.

4. The Luna Line

This line starts from the life line and bows towards the Moon.In some cases this line surrounds the Moon like a bow and has not  connection with any, other line. .
5. The Line of Ambition
This line comes out of the life line and goes on the Jupiter.
6. The Rahu line (The line of Dragon)
These lines beginning from the positive Mars or the Venus cross  the life line and sometimes go even beyond the brain line.
There are some other minor lines also on the palm which have  been described at proper points.

Comparative study of the left and right hands is necessary for  finding out subject’s progress relative to the status of the fmaily. For  this purpose following points should be properly understood.

Whenever hardships are faced by the persons having the Spatulate or the Square hands, their friends, relatives and neighbours also undergo sufferings of some kind or the other during that period. When these persons prosper all their kith and kin also flourish.

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