How to read palm

post-introduction-to-hand-10-10-13How to read palm

Hand is starting point of a palmist. Correct examination and through insight into the nature of hand are two essential requirements for a palm reading .He has to view the shape, length, width, colour, curvatures, structure of mounts, bend and various other
features of the hand.
Attention should be paid first to the shape of the hand. Hands are mainly of seven types (when mixed types are not considered), which reveal the disposition, attributes and the worth of a man.

This post discusses about the types of hands and some other important features. To ensure good prediction, thorough understand-ing of the types of hands is necessary, as identical lines on two different types of hands may have altogether different effects as the habits, likings, environment and mental inclinations totally change with different types of hands. A hand consists of‘4 fingers, index, middle, ring and little, a thumb and a palm. Shape length, thickness and structure of these subparts decide the type of the hand. Broad, heavy, thick, beautiful, soft, flabby and well-shaped hands make a person fortunate, whereas thin, black, clumsy and uneven hands add to the misfortune of a person.


It has great influence in deciding the value of the hand. A long,thin, Well-shaped and beautiful thumb increases the value of the hand, while a thick, short and club shaped thumb has the opposite effect. Thumb is surrounded by the life line at it’s base The mounts of Mars and Venus lie in the area surrounded by the life line. The mount of Mars which is just below the index finger is called the positive or first Mars. ,

First Finger:

First finger also known as index finger is called the Jupiter finger. Raised portion of the palm attached to this finger is called the mount of Jupiter, which lies between the mount of Mars and “index finger.

Second Finger:

This is called the Saturn finger and the mount of Saturn extending upto the heart line is attached to this ffinger.

Third Finger:

This is the Sun finger and the area between this finger and the heart line is called the mount of Sun. It is also called ring finger.

Fourth Finger:

This is the Mercury or little finger and the mount of Mercury lies between this finger and the heart line. Just below this linger lies the mount of the negative Mars, bounded by the brain and heart lines. Area below the brain line and the Mercury finger is called the mound of Moon (Luna). This mount extends upto the mount of Venus and ‘the sunken area in the Middle of the palm is surrounded by these mounts.


Some mounts are not developed but the corresponding nodes might be pointed.  Pointed node is considered most favourable “where as a blunt but large node gives ordinary results. Hence notices should also be examined carefully as a developed mount and pointed node gives the best results corresponding to the mount.

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