Marriage life through palmistry

Marriage life through palmistry

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In palmistry we have much more accuracy as compare to Vedic Astrology or Indian Astrology, while deciding about marriage life & married life happiness. In deciding about the happiness in the married life or Marriage life through palmistry the following various signs should be considered:-

  1. First thing to note is Clubbed or small thumb,
  2. The much raised Venus.
  3. The life line straight or broken.
  4. A long joint of the life and brain lines.
  5. Fate line thick, broken, obstructed by the brain line or having island in it.
  6. The heart line is broken, the heart line or its thick branch touching the brain line.
  7. The Jupiter finger very small i.e. it small than the third phalange of sun/ring finger.
  8. Island in the marriage line.

All these signs make the married life full of trials. If more than 3 or 4 of these signs are there on any hand then the person concerned will not be happy throughout his married life. Similarly, all other matters should also be decided by considering all the related signs.

Few words for new palmist:

In the beginning new palmist or new to this field may face disappointing results. They may feel hopeless. This might be because of the non-cooperation of the subject or some other reason, but without getting disheartened renewed efforts will lead to the correct path to the success. I am  fully confident ‘ that complete success will be the final outcome.

Now few words for Astrologers & Palmist:

Astrological knowledge along with palmistry knowledge greatly aids in proper predictions. Saturn takes 2.5 years, Jupiter one year and Rahu, the Dragon head, 1.5 years in transiting a single sign. Their transitions also bring changes in the life of every person. This change can be either good or bad depending upon the type of the influence of the planet on the individual, and its period is the time taken by that planet in transiting a single sign. Collection of this information does not require much effort and can be a great help to the palmist as well as to an Astrologer working in Vedic Astrology or Indian Astrology.

Finally, it is again stressed that continuous efforts and practical experience are much more important. Each post in this web site unfolds new secrets (which normally palmist or astrologer don’t share with any one with a fear of loosing their business or other will be able to compete with them) to my readers till my last breath, without having any kind of fear.

Note: – Reader may ask for any type of subject/article which they would like to have any this web site. I will try my best to meet their demand. Do write to me at

Hence continuous and creative ideas of  reader will help me to write more and more.

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