Month: October 2013

Nakshatras part 2

Nakshatras  part 2 To know what that means in concrete terms, you have to analyze it’s Rashi based position; Sun is in Capricorn, and in  the 7th h.. The topic on dashas will be elaborately discussed in a future chapter.      These are the 27 nakshatras and their dasha lords:       1.

How to read palm

How to read palm Hand is starting point of a palmist. Correct examination and through insight into the nature of hand are two essential requirements for a palm reading .He has to view the shape, length, width, colour, curvatures, structure of mounts, bend and various other features of the hand.

What is the Philosophy of Horary astrology

2. What is the Philosophy of Horary astrology? The key element in Horary Astrology is the precise time when a person unfolds his mind regarding the problem with which he is gripped, in the form of a query. To put a query to an astrologer is an expression of quadrants’

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Horary versus Natal Astrology In Horary astrology, we know the exact time, date and place of query, whereas in natal astrology the correctness of horoscope cannot be vouchsafed. Horary gives instantaneous replies to the question bypassing dasha system in overwhelming number of cases, whereas in natal, dasha, antar dasha even