how to read your palm

how to read your palm

For a good palmist following points should be
Step by step analyse palm reading

Palmistry in India

Step 1.

You must note down Colour of hand , shape, heaviness, smooth, rough, hard, soft, even surface, uneven surface etc.

Step 2.


(i)                  The life, brain and fate lines should be given utmost attention.
(ii)                Importance should be given to the heart line for moral considerations.

(a) The life line is called defective if it is not round but straight or curved. The round shaped and defect less life line bestows success to the subject in all his attempts and has good influence throughout his life.

(b) The brain line with bends or defects or which is thick, faint, thick and thin hinders individual’s ascension whereas bifurcated, defect less, well-formed and of medium length helps him in his progress.

(c) The fate line which is without islands, unbroken and complete, thin, not ending in any other line, away from the life line shines all his life, whereas, when it is near the life line, thick, obstructed by the heart or brain line and having island in the beginning or at any stage gives trouble, Everywhere in the life.

(d) The heart line, which is near the fingers, ends on the Jupiter, on the Saturn or in between the two  fingers of these mounts, belongs to a man of loose morals. Whereas, when it is defect less, ends near the Jupiter finger and is bifurcated or double, bestows the subject a humanly, pure and kind disposition.

The long joint of the brain and life lines, the heart and brain lines combined together or very near or parallel indicate many important characteristics. Hence these signs should be examined carefully.

4.The Thumb:

From the point of view of success or psychology ofa person it is very important. For every prediction to be made, its effect  should always be considered.

5. Thin and short lingers make a person clever and careful, whereas long lingers make him generous and super-humanely. Thick fingers belong to a relatively block headed person. Similarly, straight fingers levelled at the tips or the bases influence the life of a person.

6. The nails of the fingers of the Jupiter and the Mercury should be compared carefully. This is necessary for the judgement of the wisdom of the person concerned.

7. Mounts also greatly influence the activities of a person. Mounts should be examined on the palm and also at the third knots of the fingers at their bases. If these knots are pointed and big then they give the best traits corresponding to the mount. Similarly raised and pointed mounts are considered best.

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