Types of Hand

Types of Hand

Man has been pacifying his curiosity through palm reading; thumb reading, reading of signs on the body and several other methods. We will discuss palmistry under this heading. Palmistry is a science of study of human hand, its shape, size, colour many more factors. Hand never means lines in hand but there are much more than lines. Palm reading is most powerful for unfolding human life. This is very useful in case someone is not having his/her Date of birth or time of birth either not correctly known or not having this data
A palmist needs to study:

1) Shape of hand, Colour of hand, size of hand.
2) Nails Colour, size & shape.
3) Finger tips, shape, size, length of phalanges.
4) Mounts, raised portion of the palm connected to a particular finger is called mount of that finger.
5) Thumb: A human thumb has a great influence in deciding the life/fate of a person. Only thumb can tell about the whole life of a person.
6) Moles: A mole blackish around shape sign.

Hand shapes:

 The Square hand:

The square hand is best type of hand in palmistry. This indicates the person belong to distinguished, glorified and member of reversed class of society. If in a square hand –palm, fingers and thumb all are square shaped along with fleshy palm & finger near the base, rosy colour with well defined thumb, crescents in the nails, nails are big & triangular shaped than this is best in its class. These people are famous, wise, and rich. They possess analytical mind, belongs to good family & enjoy all pleasures of life.
Other kinds of hand are:
The spatulate hand:
This shape is like spatula used by chemist. It resembles the square hand.The artistic hand.
In this kind finger are pointed and long with big nails. Persons having this kind of hands at large imaginative. They are GOD GIFTED artists and intelligent, critics. If other factor help in hand than they brilliance in artistic works and grow into famed musicians, painter, artists, dancer, singer. They are highly emotional. Their habits and mode of life including sexual intercourse are all artistic in nature. They take interest in beautifying their surroundings.
The philosophical hand.
These hands are considerably longer than normal, fingers are abnormally long. These persons are deep thinkers. These people
The idealistic hand.
This is long, narrow and heavy hand. If Venus and Moon are prominent along with fingers long than these people are found high rank military officers, engineers, researchers, mathematicians etc.
The conic hand.
In conic hand fingers are naturally bent towards the thumb. This hand belongs to intellectuals who look leaping, hence are the synonyms of success. The heavier is the hand the better they are economically and intellectually.
These are main class of hands we study. Others class of hand less known are Opposite Conic hand, boat shaped hand, Administrative hand, Heavy and broad hand, Warm hand, Cold hand, hand abundant in lines, Active hand, Soft hand. As per colour Rosy hand, Reddish hand, Blackish hand, Yellowish hand, Shallow hand, Business hand.

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