Astrology- reasons of late marriage

Astrology- reasons of late marriage

Here we will discuses a live/actual case of delay/late in marriage. Astrological reasons are given here. I am giving horoscope below which you should go through and try to find reasons by you knowledge but if you are unable find or you have found few then don’t worry i will give you details of this horoscope. But some one is interested in knowing about very minute details than please do write to me at mongakb@gmail.comwith subject “Astrological reasons for delay in marriage article 3-5-13”.

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  1. Hi,
    I would like to know the reasons in minute detail about the delay in marriage article.
    ÔÇťAstrological reasons for delay in marriage article 3-5-13″
    Also I am experiencing a delay in my marriage and wanted to know when you think my marriage will occur and the kind of girl I can expect to marry.
    Date – 15 Jan 1983
    Time – 22.25pm
    Place – London, UK
    Kind regards,

  2. Dob: 05/06/1974
    Time: 20:35 hrs ist
    Place: kalol ,( Uttar gujarat)
    Please tell me when will I get married and how will be my married life.

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