Astrology Rahu and Ketu

Astrology Rahu and Ketu
Astrology Rahu and Ketu

In Vedic Astrology Rahu and Ketu are considered main concern for difficulties & miss fortunes  So in astrology Rahu and Ketu are painstaking and most dangerous planet  these days by most of the astrologer/pundits. This is normally tendency these days towards the client by making him/her afraid of Rahu or Ketu for their sorrows in life. But it is not true most of the time. Mostly Rahu or Ketu has no role to play for the condition in which the client is. I have noticed in my practice that people comes with a fear that their Horoscope is such that due to Rahu/Ketu he is suffering. Hence they ask for some remedies to safeguard them from that inimical impact of Rahu/Ketu.

Reality is that when Rahu is placed in a particular house then it makes the person’s direction towards spiritual growth for that individual, but if placed in some other houses in a chart the person’s there will be a tendency to extravagance or fascination. Off course many a time it is true that it takes a person to take path to lead the individual to self-destruction. Mostly it is said that Rahu offer and Ketu take away but the right way to describe is that Rahu acts like a spend thief means it takes the qualities of a particular planet or house to extreme than reduce it before time. We can easily define it like this than when it is placed with Venus than the persons gets in sexually activities  very early in life and continues into that day & night and finally gets executed before that age actually come medically

Rahu is especially connected with the sense of worthlessness acts in life regardless of the problems it causes. But all this above cases are only when these are having placed in certain conditions or with others planets in particular houses. These are the cases among 20-25%.

As Rahu and Keu are shadow planets only. They don’t have their own orbits. These are only two positions of intersections of earth’s and moon’s path. Therefore these two points are magnetic points. They are imaginary planets.

Properties of Rahu & Ketu are

  1. Properties depend upon the house they occupy.
  2. Properties of planets they are in conjunction.
  3.  Properties of planets they are they aspected.

Results of Rahu & Ketu are

  1. As per house strength i.e. if they in strong house they act strong if they are in wee house they act week.
  2. Likewise they are strong with strong planets and week with week planets.
  3. Most important characteristic that rahu & Ketu  function like a Yogakarak

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