Astrology and Fortune

Astrology, Fortune, freewill & karma of previous janma

Basic of astrology:-

Vedic astrology is considered as science and is based on the principle of evolution in times. In our physical science we consider that for every action to happen we need some kind of force is applied on an object. After a force is applied there is an action/s, now each action/s has far reaching effect on the whole universe & that action/s has also has far reaching effect to the person involved in doing that action/s. Hence it is clear   from this that each & every action done by a person has impact on

Now I will try to explain relationship of astrology, fortune, freewill, karma of previous janma. In my view point our this janma is interlink of pervious janma’s free will used by us which becomes fate/fortune for this janma along with free will of this janma so all results. The fate we get in this janma is a combination of thousand of lifetimes; this is not known to anybody which Karma is going to be fate in which janma. This is a big mystery as some time our free will used in this janma gets results in this janma but much Karma is carry forward to next birth/life cycle & so on so forth. In many cases our free will used in a particular janma gets results after hundred years later.

Hindu/Vedic Astrology indicates the results of pervious janma’s in the form of Horoscope. By looking at Horoscope and doing calculations based on depending upon knowledge, he can tell almost everything about a person like his health, education, profession, marriage, status in family, happiness in life, wealth and many more.

I give you a example in Shri Krishna told Great Bhishma Pitamah to look into his previous Janma to see why he is having suffering of laying on arrows for so long in this janma. When next morning Shri Krishna came than Great Bhishma Pitamah that he could to not find such bad act in his past lives using into 213 janma, on hearing this Shri Krishna made him to go into past lives using regression 214 janma in which he (bhishma Pitamah) could find himself as 5 years old child hold a small insect in his ion picking that insect with small needle like wood & hence its results is been giving to him after 213 janma. This is a clear example that no one in this world can ever come to know how GOD/ALLMIGHTY/ALLHA’s complex system works. It is possible only if GOD/ ALLMIGHTY/ALLHA give his Kripa to a person to know about his system.

Yet another an example from Maha Bharat when Shri Krishna gave divya drishti to Arjuna to see, listen and speak to all mighty is HIS big saroop.

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