Astrological Reasons for delay in Marriage

Astrological Reasons for delay in Marriage

In modern days times when girls age is beyond 26 years normally parents feel that their daughter marriage is getting late. So we will be talking about astrological reasons for delay in marriage for girl. Many times it said that due to higher education and settling done in good jobs it takes time so, girl marriage is delayed. Here, I don’t deny from that factor but as an astrologer I am giving only those astrological reasons which plays role in delay of girl marriage.

These reasons are applicable to all times e.g. if the normal age in past was 18 years then also these factors used to work. If in future normal age gets 30 years than also these reasons will be applicable. Here, I means to say that these astrological reasons will be applicable to all times all societies every time all times. Let us suppose in a particular society and at a particular times the normal age gets X years than these astrology factors play their role in delaying age compared to X years.   

Here we will discuss astrological reasons of delay in marriage of girl.

  1. If Jupiter is very week either degree is very less or due to placement.
  2. If Jupiter is in combustion with Sun.
  3. Malefic planets are placed/aspects on 7th house or with 7th lord.
  4. Plants like Saturn, Rahu, Sun or Mangal in 7th house and their degree is + – 5 of Lagan degree.
  5. If Mars and Venus combination is placed in 7th house.
  6. If Jupiter and Saturn are very close to each other and are placed in 6th, 12th house in main horoscope i.e D1 or basic Kundli and no Beneficial planets aspects  on 7th house or 7th lord.
  7. 7th lord in 12th house or in 6th house more if aspects of malefic on it gets even more impact if no Benefice aspects on 7th house or 7th lord.
  8. If Saturn is either in 5th, 7th or 10th from Lagan or Moon Kundli. this impact gets   stronger if Saturn is not Lagan Lord or ruler of good houses in Lagan Chart or Moon Chart.
  9. Saturn in 2nd house, Rahu in 7th house and 7th lord with malefic planets or Malefic planets in 7th house.
  10. When Rahu and Venus are in Lagan or 7th house of Lagan chart or in Moon chart.
  11. When Mars and Sun in 7th house in Lagan Chart or Moon chart provided Mars in not in combustion by Sun.
  12. Conjunction of Venus-Moon, Venus-Sun, Saturn-Mars or Saturn-Sun but the condition is that all these combination have relation with 7th house or with 7th lord.
  13. Malefic in 6th house along with Malefic in 8th house and 7th lord or 7th house is week compare to Malefic influenced from both sides i.e. 6th house & eight house.

So here we have discussed few combinations for delay of marriage some more can also be written but there is no end to various combination and permutations.
In next article I would like to discuss some remedial measure to overcome delay in marriage.
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  1. I am Libra Ascendant, I have combust jupiter in 9th house (both planets at 24 degrees), and also Saturn conjunct 7th Lord Mars in 11th house. Is my marriage delayed, or denied?

  2. I would be interested to know of my career, born at bangalore, 8.15 am, 1960, ashwini nakshatra, mesha rashi, with full detail, many have failed to define defnitely my career.
    Regards, Ramesh Kumar

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