Mangal Dosha

Mangal Dosha

Why Mangal Dosha is it considered as a drawback during marriage?

Definition of Mangal Dosha

When Mars planet is positioned in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of D1 chart i.e. Natal Chart of any person than it is said to be Mangal Dosha in the horoscope of that person. We can say that Mars effects in these houses is inimical for marriage, provided one among couple is having this Mangal Dosha & other partner is not having Mangal Dosha. But if both are having Mangal Dosha in their respective natal chart than it is said to be good   mars affects the 4th, 7th & 8th house from the house in which it is placed. This is also known as “Mangal Drushti”.


Mars planet represents of fire, Medicines, Weapons, Aggression, Impulsiveness, high energy, blood, fight, accident etc.

House wise effects:

Mars placed in first house:

Repercussions of Mars placed in first house its aspects on 4th, 7th & 8th house in addition to the first house. 1st house represents the personality, status, progress & head/mind of the person; so due to this the person may be very short tempered if not counter by life partners Mangal.


Other impacts

On Fourth House:

Fourth House represents our own house, vehicles, happiness of life, therefore there is a possibility of problems connected with acquiring own house & vehicle or accident due to fire, etc.

On Seventh House:

Now from first hose it is having direct 100% aspects on 7th house which the house of spouse, there is a possibility of turbulent married life, spouse may be of very hot tempered nature, loss in partnership etc

On Eighth House:

Eighth house represents death; hence there is a likelihood of deadly accident to the person. Many other angles need to be studied like the on the whole quality of the horoscope, degrees & power of the planets, aspects of the planets all are required to be taken into considerations.

When Mars placed in fourth House

Now we will find the impact of Mars placed in fourth house it will affect fourth, seventh, tenth and eleventh houses. We have already seen above the impact on fourth & seventh house.

On tenth house: Tenth house represents profession, career, and father; hence there is a likelihood of recurrent changes/instability in the career, and differences with father or even untimely death of father

On eleventh house:  Eleventh house represents the financial gains in life; hence there is a likelihood of losses due to unknown factors.

When Mars placed in Seventh House

When placed in seventh house it effects tenth, first, second along with seventh itself. We have seen above its impact on first, seventh and tenth house.

On Second house:  Second house is mainly of family & wealth so its inimical impacts will be either getting on with family way or cash in hand/bank balance i.e. runny cash crunch.

When Mars placed in Eighth House

When placed in eighth house it affects eleventh, second, third along with eight houses itself. We have seen above its impact on eleventh, second and eight houses.

On Third house:  Third house represents for younger brothers & sisters of the person, verbal communication skills, success of the person. Hence planet Mars may create stress among siblings of the person & might suffer more disappointment than achievement.

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