Year: 2013

Basic Of Horary Astrology

Basic of Horary Astrology Horary Astrology is very most accurate format of Vedic Astrology. Moreover under Horary Astrology one gets answer to a particular question which is his/her most concerned at that particular time. in this case we need not to have actual date of birth, Time of birth & place

Nakshatras part 2

Nakshatras  part 2 To know what that means in concrete terms, you have to analyze it’s Rashi based position; Sun is in Capricorn, and in  the 7th h.. The topic on dashas will be elaborately discussed in a future chapter.      These are the 27 nakshatras and their dasha lords:       1.

How to read palm

How to read palm Hand is starting point of a palmist. Correct examination and through insight into the nature of hand are two essential requirements for a palm reading .He has to view the shape, length, width, colour, curvatures, structure of mounts, bend and various other features of the hand.