Remedial Measures in Astrology

“Remedial Measures in Astrology”

The divine science of Vedic Astrology unfolds the trends of life and tells us in advance of the favorable times as well as of the unfavorable times. It tells us about the periods which provide success to our endeavors. Similarly, it tells us the periods and the types of sufferings one is likely to face, right at birth. There are diverse views about the sanctity of remedial measures. Some of the learned friends opine that no benefit is derived by the performance of remedial measures. While some others opine that the performance of remedial measure produces good results. The experience of the author, however, is that the performance of remedial measures does help. The birth chart indicates competence of performance of remedial measures for warding off the evil/malefic influences. The success in deriving benefic influences and warding off of evil/malefic influences by performing remedial measures depends on more than one factor.

Firstly, one has to correctly find out the significator(s) which is/are afflicted or weak; secondly, selection of remedial measures for propitiating the afflicting planets and/or strengthening of weak planets; and thirdly, selecting appropriate time for initiating remedial measures. In the case of the houses which are weak and afflicted and are not aspected by a strong functional benefic planet, the chances of effectiveness of remedial measures are comparatively weak. A strong Jupiter or a strong Sun or strong planet acting like a Sun or a strong lord of the ninth house in the nativity is indicative of performance of astral remedies and benefits there from. The success also depends on the right conduct of both the astrologer advising these remedial measures and the person seeking consultation.
RELEVANCE When we read through the narration of Maharishi Parashara that the God has incarnated in the form of planets to confer on the living beings the results of their karma, we are confronted with the question of relevance of remedial measures to ward off the evil effects caused by the natal placement of planets on the basis of past karma. We find the mention of remedial measures for mitigating evils of inauspicious planetary combination in one’s chart are found in our scriptures as well as in the ancient astrological texts and commentaries including Brihat Parashara Hora. Their history can be traced to times immemorial. Prasna Marga links the miseries/evils in one’s life to the sins/bad deeds committed in the past/present life.In Ramcharitmanas, Sant Tulsidas says that the evils cannot be fully mitigated by donations, reciting of mantras, yagnas, etc. without the righteous conduct, which clearly indicates that before his time there used to be remedial measures in practice and that the right conduct is also an important element of the effectiveness of remedial measures. In his great work, he gives us clues on how to avoid evils. ‘Attachment’ is the cause of all sufferings. One cannot enjoy happiness so long as one does not attain contentment. In Kaliyuga, he mentioned mere devotion to the God helps in mitigating evils. He goes further and says that evils can only be destroyed by the grace of God. In Vedic Astrology we understand the phenomenon of the God’s grace coming through a strong Jupiter and/or a strong lord of the ninth house in the natal chart.As per Varahamihira, the evils can be removed by worship of learned persons, palliatives offered to planets, recitation of mantras, dana (donations), company of saintly persons, etc. Valmiki Rishi in his Ramayana also mentions a number of remedial measures. The role of remedial measures in Vedic Astrology is supreme. The indication of Vedic Astrology can be of use only if the unfavorable influences can be averted by remedial measures and the favorable influences can be enhanced.The remedial measures are prescribed for all the horoscopes interpreted by us and have been found to be useful to such an extent that the natives, who had planetary configurations for the dreaded diseases like cancer, could avoid these during the indicating sub-periods of planets creating such afflictions. However, a few illustrations are being given in this chapter, as well, to show the efficacy of the astral remedies in all walks of life.
Female born 15th May, 1962, 1130Hrs, 26.29N 80.12E TZ 5:30 The native was having problems in conception after her marriage. Astrological help was sought. As there is no mooltrikona sign in the fifth house, we shall concentrate on the lord of the second house and Jupiter, the significator for progeny. No mooltrikona sign rises in the ascendant of sapthamsa in this case. The Sun being lord of the second house is weak as it is in the state of infancy. Jupiter is badly placed and its dispositor, Saturn, is under the close affliction of Rahu-Ketu axis. Mars is yogakaraka for Cancer ascendant and rules happiness through progeny. Mars is well placed in the ninth house. In navamsa Mars occupies the ascendant and in sapthamsa it occupies the tenth house. Considering the sufficient strength of the lord of the tenth house it was predicted that the native shall be blessed with the birth of a male child with the help of remedial measures. The remedial measures for strengthening of the Sun and propitiating Saturn, Ketu and Rahu were suggested to the native who was blessed with a male issue in the sub-period of strong Mercury, in the main period of Rahu.
Male born 31st March, 1960, 0800Hrs. 31.19N 76.26E TZ 5:30 This native had retarded growth. The weak Moon is having exact aspect from Rahu placed in the sixth house. The lord of the fifth house is weak as it is in the twelfth house. Mercury afflicts closely the most effective point of the fifth house. The native is physically well built as the Mars is strong in the natal chart but had got short temper, thievish habits and always used to be bewildered due to malefic influences on the Moon and the fifth house. Remedial measures for propitiating Rahu and Mercury and strengthening of the Moon and the Sun were suggested which have helped him towards remarkable improvement. Now the native is rendering useful service at the business place of his brothers. Jupiter occupies the ninth house in its own mooltrikona sign.
Female born 26th June 1955, 1230 Hrs. 30.55N 74.38E TZ 5:30The native was a severe patient of arthritis. Mercury and Saturn become prime determinants of health in this case. Mercury is weak due to combustion and old age. Saturn is weak because of its being in the debilitated navamsa. Saturn besides becoming prime determinant of health also rules joints. The functional malefic Sun closely afflicts the most effective point of the tenth house ruling the knee-joints. Remedial measures for strengthening of Mercury and propitiating the Sun, Rahu, Ketu, Mars, and Saturn were suggested which have provided a good amount of relief to the native. Venus acting as Sun in this nativity is strong.
Male born 18th December, 1951 0835Hrs. 27.35N 82.04E TZ 5:30 The native solicited astrological help when he was involved in a departmental inquiry without any of his fault and was further harassed by way of delay in his promotion due to the said inquiry. The lord of the tenth house becoming prime determinant of job is combust, occupies the twelfth house, is in old age and is in debilitated navamsa. The Moon is closely afflicting the most effective point of the second house ruling the status. The tenth house is occupied by two functional benefic planets which are in exact mutual conjunction. Jupiter is strong in the natal chart. The native was suggested remedial measures for strengthening of the Sun and Mercury and propitiating the Moon, Rahu and Ketu the performance of which brought end to the enquiry and blessed the native with a promotion.
Male born 24th February, 1950, 1700Hrs. 27.14N 77.28E TZ 5:30 The native was dismissed from service in the sub-period of Saturn in the main period of Jupiter. Mars and the Sun become prime determinant of professional matters. Mars suffers from the close affliction of nodes. The Sun is weak due to bad placement. The exact afflicting aspect of the lord of the house of disputes to the ascendant and placement of the functional malefic Saturn close to the most effective point of the house of status indicate severe problems of disputes and obstruction in job. Mercury and the exalted Moon are weak as the third house and the ascendant are under the exact affliction of the functional malefic Jupiter. The native approached for astral guidance in January, 1991. He was advised that with the performance of astral remedies regularly he can be reinstated through a departmental appeal and without going to the court of law which could have taken a decade for the decision. A Kavach for strengthening the functional benefic planets and charities for propitiating the functional malefic planets were suggested. The native was reinstated in the sub-period of Mercury.
Male born 17th November, 1957, 0515Hrs. 28.39N 77.13E TZ 5:30 The native was running the sub-period of Venus in the main period of Rahu. Venus is under the close affliction of Ketu. The functional malefic Mercury is placed close to the most effective point of the second house, ruling successes, obstructing the success of business enterprise, accumulation of wealth and addition to the family. Besides the affliction of Mercury to the second house, Jupiter and the Sun signifying a male child and business ventures are weak in the nativity. However, the lord of the fifth house is strong in the chart. Before the sub-period of Venus the native had seen the sub-periods of afflicting planets Mercury and Ketu. The native was suggested a Kavach for weak and afflicted functional benefic planets and charities for Mercury, Ketu and the main period lord, Rahu. The native was blessed with a male child, was able to construct his house and re-setup his disturbed business within the sub-period of Venus itself.
Female born 11th September 1969, 0900Hrs, 22.37N 77.10E TZ 5:30 In this case the astral remedies were sought for persistent health problem relating to stomach, employment and fixation of marriage in October, 1992. Let us first see the reasons for these in the nativity. The lord of the tenth house becoming prime determinant of professional matters is in the state of combustion. Venus becoming prime determinant of health is weak due to the weakness of its dispositor, the Moon. The lord of the seventh house governing marriage, Mars, is in the state of infancy and weak. Saturn ruling the fifth house is weak due to the weakness of its dispositor. The significator for the husband is badly placed and afflicted by the close conjunction of the functional malefic Mercury. The native was running the main period of the weak Moon. The Sun is strong in the nativity. Astral remedies in the form of a Kavach consisting of mystical numbers for the functional benefic planets and charities for Mercury, Rahu and Ketu were suggested. The native started keeping good health, got a government job in the sub-period of Mars, was married in December, 1993, during the sub-period of Rahu, and was blessed with a male child in the beginning of the sub-period of jupiter.

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